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Promocija brenda LOVREN

TC Galeria is a meeting place of different cultures, consumer habits, brands, entertainment, but above all top service. That is why from the first day we recognized the need to be there and to offer the best and most attractive. Apoteka BENU Galeria and its team led by our dear manager Sanja Andrić, whose cheerful spirit and optimism are transmitted to visitors, often support us in the realization of various ideas, promotional campaigns and other forms of communication with our target group.
It was the same now, when with the support of the "Grazia" magazine team and our young BENU digital team, we organized the promotion of the "LOVREN" brand for a special audience - people for whom communication on social networks is a sign of recognition. Popularly called "influencers", adored or contested, they arouse great interest, with the number of their followers, their attractive approach and recommendations. Whether one likes it or not, they are trusted and they are the ones who will bring young people to the point of sale before any other media activity.
That's why we wanted to share with them our impressions of our brand, which is slowly positioning itself with its quality. And they came to socialize, to learn more, to get to know our brand. In the pharmacy specially decorated for this occasion, but still with the priority of serving the patient, we spent more than two hours hanging out and talking about LOVREN. Ivana Radaković from the team category pointed out what is special about our brand, saying that we just wanted to have a brand of decorative cosmetics in our palette that can only be found in a pharmacy. "Whether you choose cream or shampoo, mascara or some other product, behind each there is a quality formula and an attractive design." Our price-sensitive market has accepted LOVREN very well - emphasized Ivana.
We believe that you will already see our brand on some network. Follow, share, tag and try it. Because one is LOVREN!

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