Dedicated to the pharmaceutical partners

Unlicensed Medicines

There is a number of reasons, why a particular product is unavailable to
a patient in a particular country. We treat every inquiry received with the attention to detail and urgency needed to ensure these medicines are quickly available to the patients who urgently require them. INO-Pharm is a reliable provider of unlicensed medicines and expert in:

  • Market Withdrawal/ Discontinuations
  • Medicine Shortages
  • Post-Trial Access
  • Early Access

Medicine shortages occur across all healthcare institutions and involve both essential life-saving medicines and very commonly used drugs. Our experience in providing access to unlicensed medicines enables us to come up with solutions and prevent or reduce the impact of shortages.

Post-trial access implies the continued provision of a product to clinical trial participants after a trial has concluded.

Providing early access to medicines is now a key phase in most pharmaceutical companies’ market access strategy and is vital in ensuring a successful product launch.

INO-Pharm has unique experience in supporting pharmaceutical companies by providing ethical and compliant access to their medicines.

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