Dedicated to the pharmaceutical partners

Market Access

Our main focus is design, development and implementation of activities that enable EL PHARMA to secure optimal price and reimbursement and realize the maximum commercial potential of the products marketed in Serbia.

Initiatiing and leading launch readiness process for new products.

Providing relevant information related to price level (including pricing scenarios), and potential risks during the planning process.

Communication with stakeholders - Ministry of Health, Ministry of trade, National Health Care Insurance Fund.

Supporting and defending business issues linked to governmental relations, pricing & reimbursement (P&R), health care reforms, health economics (HE).

Ensuring the best possible pricing and reimbursement (P&R) conditions. Preparation of all documents required for price and reimbursement submissions, negotiation and Managed Entry Agreements (MEA).

Scientific cooperation with KOL’s and Stakeholder mapping; initiation and maintenance of close professional relationships with KOLs and relevant stakeholders.

Adjustments of global procedures to local rules in respect of pricing, in line with local demands and regulations.