Dedicated to the patients

BETTY Pharmacies

BETTY is our brand of partner pharmacies present in the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia. Through the local brand of partner pharmacies, the approach to successful business of independent pharmacies has never been closer and more direct.

In all three countries, the program provides more marketing elements that in today's dynamic environment allow pharmacies to differentiate, giving it a visual brand identity that increases its visibility, and with the help of marketing tools allows pharmacies to raise the quality of their services to higher end users.

The visual identity of the pharmacy enables it to differentiate its uniqueness in a dynamic environment through brand elements and to be recognized as part of the brand. Visual elements include illuminated advertising, illuminated shelves in the pharmacy for preparations that are on the recommendation of the month, a poster holder with a poster with the monthly recommendation of the month and optional shop windows.

Every month, the pharmacy receives a monthly edition of BETTY magazine, which is the first magazine in the region of this type and is intended for the end user as a free copy.

In the pharmacy marked BETTY, every month the recommendation of the month with 10 to 15 products is positioned, and it is possible to advertise these products through several channels: BETTY magazine, poster that the pharmacy receives, illuminated shelf where one piece of item is displayed on a monthly basis.

Social networks as an indispensable element for bringing the brand closer to the end user and increased visibility in today's increasingly current media, are something we invest in, and create content that is current, interesting and covered by various topics that we follow through BETTY magazine, which is free and intended for visitors BETTY pharmacy.

BETTY site as a channel through which we approach the end user, contains all current information, a wide range of interesting and useful topics, and there is a list of pharmacies, and visiting the site allows the end user to see the nearest pharmacy.

When it comes to health, the most important thing is to trust that when you need it, you will find the right information with the full understanding of a professional who is there to give you advice or help, and we strive to provide a high level of service in pharmacies marked BETTY, through highly trained personnel.

We also invest in the education of employees in pharmacies with the BETTY label, and we also provide commercial online lectures, through which we enable them to get better acquainted with the products so that the benefit of end users is greater, and so that they are prepared to offer adequate advice or product at any time.